About Mr Fix-It

Mr Fix-It was launched onto the Christchurch market in February 1998. Since that time, Alan Cole, the director of Mr Fix-It, has built up a solid base of domestic customers and a large number of regular commercial clients. 

At Mr Fix-It we pride ourselves on providing professional assistance with a wide range of indoor and outdoor, large and small maintenance jobs.

The Mr Fix-It business had grown to a point where the amount of work requested, often exceeded what one person could comfortably handle, so Allan opted to go down the path of business franchising. Franchising seemed the most cost-effective and easiest means of expanding the business’s client base nationally, while maintaining the high standards that he had worked hard put in place, alongside the quality reputation that came from his many satisfied customers.

The benefits of franchising have worked out to be just the right direction in expanding the Mr Fix-It brand and providing maintenance work for a much larger client base, without the challenges of employing staff directly and having to co-ordinate people on a national level. 

The Mr Fix-It franchise is proud to meet the demands of small domestic maintenance jobs, from fixing jammed doors to replacing a plug point, through to larger home maintenance jobs including gardening and rubbish removal. We offer commercial maintenance from shop display creation, kitchen installation, and building maintenance, and all things in between. 

For advice and assistance for all your domestic and commercial jobs and maintenance requirements, contact us today!

Call a Mr Fix-It today on 0800 22 22 75